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  • 19-01-2022

Cheese can be a great source of protein and calcium. Yet, we also know that all the goodness comes with a few health warnings.

Consuming too much cheese high in saturated fat can increase cholesterol levels and even heart disease. So, opting for reduced-fat cheddar is a great way to diminish your chances of suffering from heart-related health conditions.

However, finding a reduced-fat cheddar that tastes as good as its full-fat counterparts can often be impossible. That’s where Fit Cheese comes in!

Fit Cheese is a dairy cheese that contains 80% less saturated fat than regular cheddar and is cholesterol-free. Yet, it still maintains similar protein and calcium levels to traditional cheddar. We really have created the best of both worlds here at Fit Cheese.

The outlook gets even better. British Heart Foundation has some exciting news for those of us who love cheddar but also need to watch our cholesterol levels. 

The charity has made it clear that there is no need to cut cheese out of your diet completely, even if you suffer from high cholesterol. Instead, they suggest limiting your consumption of high-fat cheeses or trying out low-fat alternatives. 

The British Heart Foundation recommend low-fat cheeses like Mozzarella, Ricotta, and reduced-fat cheddar, while avoiding cheese with a high-fat content like Stilton and Parmesan.

If you want to check out the British Heart Foundation’s full lowdown on the good, the bad and smelly when it comes to cheese? Visit their website here.

Fit Cheese is the perfect alternative for the 7.5 million people who take statins every day to reduce their cholesterol. It’s also a tasty option for those who want to make healthier diet choices.

Fit Cheese is made with a skimmed milk and vegetable oil blend. The small amount of vegetable oil means that Fit Cheese maintains the characteristics of regular dairy cheddar. Effectively, it grates, slices, and melts just like your traditional full-fat alternative.

Fit Cheese can be used to whip up a delicious cheese sauce for everyone’s renowned macaroni cheese. Or, you can enjoy it melted on toast as a tasty (and guilt-free) late-night snack.


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